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Anugrah's Heroic Story in Thwarting Drug Delivery via Courier Service

Anugrah Putra Hidayat began his career at J&T Express as a sprinter on November 30, 2015. Anugrah, as he is called, devoted himself to the task of picking up packages from customers' homes for delivery processes every day. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, a year and six months later, he was promoted to become the Person In Charge (PIC) of 2 Drop Points, namely Tegal Parang and Duren Tiga Drop Points.

This achievement didn't make him feel satisfied or conceited. Four months later, Anugrah took the selection test for a Supervisor position. Thanks to his expertise, he passed the selection and became one of the top 10 employees with the highest scores, leading him to become the Supervisor of the Drop Point in South Jakarta. Anugrah's challenges as a Supervisor began in the first year when the drop point he was responsible for received a suspicious package.

It started with a suspicion raised by one of the sprinters who found it strange that the package was destined for a distant address with expensive shipping costs, but it only contained a sweater. The sprinter decided to open the package under CCTV surveillance, and true enough, inside the clothing pocket, there were two packages containing marijuana.

Without wasting time, after receiving the report from the sprinter, Anugrah immediately reported this finding to the nearest police station. With the report, two police officers promptly arrived at the distribution center to collect the evidence and CCTV recordings. Armed with the evidence and CCTV footage, the next day the perpetrator was arrested by the police.

"I was asked by the police to provide a chronological account of the incident for the preparation of the Examination Report. After that, I was asked to wait for updates from the police after they pursued the suspect. Alhamdulillah, the suspect was successfully apprehended the following day based on the CCTV footage."

Anugrah's efforts in thwarting drug trafficking deserve appreciation, as delivery through courier services provides an opportunity for drug traffickers to send illicit goods. Anugrah's commitment to supporting drug prevention and combating drug circulation was recognized by the company when he was awarded the Best Drop Point Supervisor in Jakarta in 2019. These achievements strengthen Anugrah's motivation and dedication to honesty and trustworthiness in his work. It is hoped that this achievement will motivate other colleagues to work together better and more professionally.

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