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Dedication to Connecting Hope Through Delivery in Remote Villages

In April 2018, Isapii started his journey with J&T Express as a J&T Express Drop Point Sprinter in Kotobaru, Riau. The man who is familiarly called Isa lives in a transmigration area which is located far from the provincial capital, Pekanbaru. At that time, the area had not been touched by any expedition services and was located in a remote area. Previously, Isa received information from a friend about a job vacancy as a J&T Express courier, specifically as a Relay Sprinter for deliveries to the area where he lives. Since the last 2 years, a Drop Point has been opened at his place of work and until now he has contributed a lot to delivering customer packages in all delivery areas.

As a delivery sprinter, Isa has delivery responsibilities in a fairly wide area, covering ten villages located in two different sub-districts. He had to adapt and serve customers politely and kindly, but he didn't always get a pleasant response, considering the different characters of each person he met, but Isa accepted this challenge with enthusiasm that never faded. One of the challenges that he often faces is complaints from recipients of cash on delivery (COD) packages, where the contents of the package ordered by the buyer do not match the goods ordered, so he has to return to the customer's address to explain the COD service flow directly, because it is still there are those who don't understand, he patiently provides explanations for education.

Maintaining good relationships with customers is a strategy he uses to be able to manage daily delivery times. "I have to reassure customers that every day the courier has a time limit for delivering packages and ensures that the package is picked up before the estimated limit, so that it can provide understanding to customers and complete it on time," said Isapii.

Isa proves that dedication and perseverance are the keys to success in her work. Despite the difficult terrain and extreme weather, Isa is always determined to deliver every package safely and on a well-scheduled basis. He also understands the importance of providing the best service to customers, making them feel appreciated and satisfied with J&T Express services. Thanks to his hard work and enthusiasm, Isapii received appreciation as the Best Sprinter 2023 for the Pekanbaru area and was invited to Jakarta to receive a symbolic reception.

Isa's journey is a clear example that success knows no geographical boundaries. Even though he lives in a remote area, he is able to connect remote villages with the outside world through the J&T Express delivery service. This inspiring journey teaches about the determination, dedication and passion needed to achieve goals, even in the most difficult situations. Isa is proof that couriers not only deliver packages, but also bring happiness and hope to many people.

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