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Successfully Holding J&T Fashion Week, J&T Express Attracts Public Interest in Transactions with the Concept of a Fashion Show

Jakarta, 3 May 2021 - As the first delivery service in Indonesia to hold a fashion show, J&T Express successfully held a virtual fashion show titled J&T Fashion Week which was broadcast live on social media accounts Instagram @jntexpressid, Youtube J&T Express Indonesia and the Shopee Live feature on Shopee application. Presenting an interesting and unique transaction method, this show succeeded in attracting the audience to make transactions that started from the event taking place until 11:59 p.m. on the same day.

“J&T Express's first fashion show program was successfully held and received a good reception from brands and sellers. We hope that this program can help increase awareness, engagement and increase sales transactions for brands and sellers in the midst of a pandemic and build a positive brand image from a different perspective by demonstrating these products on a runway. " said Herline Septia as Brand Manager of J&T Express Indonesia.

All products presented at J&T Fashion Week include 50 micro and popular brands with a total of 150 products that offer special offers of up to 50% discount for the audience and can be transacted on the Shopee application. In this program, J&T Express spoils the audience by partnering with 6 celebrity models who also enliven the runway including Aurelie Moeremans, Samuel Rizal, Jeffry Reksa, Ariel Tatum, Nina Zatulini and Denny Sumargo along with dozens of other professional models. Not only that, RAN was also present which provided entertainment at this event.

This show not only displays products intended for women but also products intended for various ages and genders including children, women and men. J&T Express also distributed IPhone 12 prizes and shopee pay balances of up to a total of 100 million rupiah for viewers who watched this program without the need to make transactions and only shared screenshots of this event on social media.

50 brands that will participate in J&T Fashion Week include Wellborn, Rabbani, Consina, Urbain Inc, Homyped, IMOO, MacBear, Merche, Levaya.id, OPPO, REALME, YOU, Scarlett Whitening, Emikoawa, ZM Zaskia Mecca, O Like, Starcross , Visval, Aerostreet, Rubylicious, Monomolly, This Is April, Melstore, Madam Gie, Jiniso, Guten Inc, Sch, Noore Sport, Thermos, Senka, Barbie, Shisedo, Reclays, Isabel Adelia, Blow, Halei, My Bamus, Kickchickcloth, P&G, Wulfi, Logojeans, Zoya, Mooi Official, Alowalo, Mory_mony, Unilever, Tiento, M231 Official, 910Sportwear, Luxcrime.

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