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Anticipating Harbolnas 12.12, Together with IdEA J&T Express Participating in Optimizing Workshop Activities

The rapid growth of the Internet in the digital age supports the high penetration of online transactions. Together with the Indonesian E-commerce Association, known as IdEA, J&T Express as a shipping service company that supports online businesses participated in the educational preparation activities for the National 12.12 Shopping Day preparation titled Optimizing Traffic During Harbolnas and held on 21 November 2019 at JCC Senayan - Jakarta.

In this event J&T Express also provided information about J&T Express services in supporting online business and reminded online sellers of the importance of good and correct package packing which will have an impact on the shipping process in the field. Not only that, in this activity J&T Express also presented a booth as a center for more information about the services used by J&T Express which attracted the participants' interest, especially during the upcoming Harbolnas shopping festival.

The event, which is held regularly every year, has entered its ninth year and is greeted with enthusiasm from the participants. In accordance with the theme of this workshop and with the participation of various parties, it is hoped that it can help increase the number of online transactions, introduce and help MSMEs to go online and create positive experiences for sellers and buyers who will help the product or brand have a good user experience.

"As one of the supporting pillars in the e-commerce industry, of course, we will participate to make the national 12.12 upcoming shopping day a success with various programs, one of which is holding IdEA. We ourselves also make preparations which are our peak season and try to minimize the occurrence of obstacles in the field in accommodating the high number of shipments, "said Iwan Senjaya as Key Account Manager for J&T Express.

Entering the peak season each year, especially harbolnas that occur from September to December this year J&T Express continues to strive to accommodate the demand for package delivery which increases significantly with various preparations starting from the addition of human resources, a fleet of vehicles and operational support equipment.

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