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Delivery Fee Discount Week Starting From 40%

Send packages using J&T Express this week and save extra! You can use the Delivery Fee Discount Week promo starting from 40% every day during the period 21-28 February 2022.

  1. The Delivery Fee Discount Week is valid for every regular delivery (non-marketplace) via the mobile APP, drop off and pick up throughout Indonesia, without a maximum discount and package weight. And also applies to the DFOD payment method.

  2. The Delivery Fee Discount Week is valid for EZ, J&T Super and J&T International Standard Express services.

  3. Especially for orders placed via the J&T Express APP, customers can only order for EZ and J&T Super services, with cash payment method.

  4. The number of delivery fee discount vouchers on the J&T Express APP are 5 vouchers per user per day.

J&T Express has the right to modify the terms & conditions without prior notice.

For questions and other information, visit the help page or contact:

24-Hour Call Center Hotline : 021-8066-1888

Whatsapp official : +62-811-8466-188

E-mail : [email protected]


1. Does the Delivery Fee Discount Week also get insurance and wood packing discount?

The Delivery Fee Discount Week promo is only valid for delivery fee discount.

2. Can the Delivery Fee Discount Week voucher be used after the period 21-28 February 2022?

The validity period of the Delivery Fee Discount Week Voucher is on 21-28 February 2022. After that period, the voucher will be forfeited / cannot be stored.

3. Does the Delivery Fee Discount Week promo apply to COD payment method?

The Delivery Fee Discount Week promo does not apply to the COD payment method.

4. What if the customer sends a package containing Dangerous Goods?

For customers who intentionally send prohibited goods or dangerous goods, based on Article 47 of Law no. 38 Th. 2009, the customer will be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 5 (five) years or a maximum fine of Rp.,- (One Billion Rupiah) and the delivery service provider (J&T Express) cannot be held responsible for this incident.

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