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J&T Express Education Appreciation - Step Up Your Future

J&T Express held an internal program in the form of Education Appreciation for outstanding sons and daughters of all J&T Express employees in Indonesia. This program is valid for education levels at the elementary / junior high / high school level or equivalent, in the period from 1 July to 30 November 2022.

The mechanism for the announcement of the selected candidates will be carried out in 3 periods. The program is hosted by PT Global Jet Express and here is a brief overview of its requirements:


  • Participants are sons / daughters of J&T Express employees by attaching certain documents.

  • Participants receiving the education award are the sons/daughters of employees who have NISN who are currently studying at the elementary/junior high/high school level or equivalent with the minimum education period taken is grade 2 SD or equivalent and a maximum grade 12 SMA or equivalent in Odd Semesters.

  • The education appreciation tax is borne by the participants.

  • Participants are allowed to register more than one child's name registered in one employee's Family Card, for J&T Express will only choose one name that has the opportunity to become a candidate for the Education Appreciation.

  • The application period for this program is from July to November 2022.

  • The announcement of the winners of the education appreciation will be carried out in 3 stages through the company's internal platform and also on the official social media of J&T Express HQ Jakarta.

  • Participants who value education must be free from criminal acts, drugs, and others that violate the law in Indonesia. PT. Global Jet Express has the right to disqualify the participant if it is found that the participant's behavior violates the law in Indonesia.


For more information, please contact the HRD of each region.


Thank you!

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