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Looking for #PaketMobilJNT recipients at Sarinah Thamrin, period 16-20 August 2023

We are looking for recipients of #PaketMobilJNT at Sarinah Thamrin worth hundreds of millions of rupiah, which will be sent for free! Are you the recipient of the package? Come on, hurry up.

It's easy:

1. Follow Instagram @jntexpressid

2. Visit #PaketMobilJNT at Sarinah Thamrin for the period 16-20 August 2023

3. Upload a special package photo to Instagram Feeds or Stories, then tag @jntexpressid, including the hashtag #PaketMobilJNT

4. Write down who the recipient of this package is according to your version and a brief reason in 1 sentence

The unique reason will win this special package!

*For J&T Friends outside Jakarta, you can join; you need to upload a screenshot of #PaketMobilJNT from your friend/influencer's video to your Instagram Story or Feeds and continue with all the steps above.

Participants with unique reasons will win a prize of 1 unit of Wuling Air EV ELECTRIC CAR from J&T Express! I look forward to the announcement of the winners on Instagram @jntexpressid on Tuesday, 22 August 2023. The jury's decision to determine the winner is absolute and cannot be contested.

Be wary of fraudulent persons acting on behalf of J&T Express. This program does not charge anything!

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