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Become an Excellent Leader Through Training Camp

Surabaya (13/03/2017), for the first time J&T Express East Java has successfully held a training activity that is different from previous training activities. The training activities that were packaged in the "Leadership Training Camp" were held on 10 to 12 March 2017 at the UBAYA Training Center, Tamiajeng Village, Trawas District, Mojokerto Regency. This activity was attended by all East Java J&T Express leaders consisting of Regional Managers and Supervisors with a total of 107 participants.

It has been the commitment of J&T Express East Java Management to always provide education and training to shape the character of each employee, as expressed by Mr. Denny Lim, General Manager of J&T Express East Java. "Whoever joins J&T, whatever the background. Then it's mandatory for us to foster them so they have superior character. "

This Leadership Training Camp is specifically designed for leaders as a means of forming leadership characters in individuals and in teams. In this training camp there is a modern learning that combines material and games related to leadership, decision making, and character building. Participants are not only faced with material and intellectual challenges, but also physically and mentally.

Therefore, the activities carried out for 3 days and 2 nights in addition to providing material in the room, the participants were also invited to participate in a series of outdoor activities both outbound and marathon running as far as 15 Km. In this activity also brought in the HQ Trainer Team to collaborate with the East Java J&T Express trainer team to make the event a success. Mr. Denny Lim also revealed that "This activity is not only intended to build the character of the participants but also to establish team togetherness and also a sense of mutual ownership of J&T throughout East Java, so that this event will be held at least twice a year, so that this sense of kinship becomes closer .

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