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J&T Express invites all loyal customers in Indonesia to OPEN PACKAGES on the J&T Express application for the period 1-31 January 2024. Get the chance to win the lottery for a Wuling Air EV Lite car, Vespa Sprint motorbike, iPhone 15 Pro, 1 gram Gold Precious Metal, 0.5 Gold Precious Metal grams, and many more. The more packages you send on the J&T Express application, the more opportunities you have to take part in the J&T OPEN PACKAGE lottery and get prizes.

Program Terms & Conditions

1. The Unpackage Program is part of the BUCIN (Hunting for Points) Program with J&T Express.

2. The Package Opening Program will take place and be held during the period 1 - 31 January 2024.

3. Every party who is a Registered User on the J&T Express Application during the period 1 January 2024 to 31 January 2024 will have the opportunity to take part in this Program.

4. To win prizes in the Unpack Program, users must:

  1. Login to the J&T Express Application; And

  2. Follow the Open Package Program by clicking the floating Open Package icon on the main page of the J&T Express application

5. During the Program period, users will get a direct daily opportunity to play the Open Package lottery once per day. The validity period of the opportunity is 1 (one) day.

6. For every completion of 1 (one) receipt/airway bill for J&T ECO, J&T EZ, J&T Doc and J&T Super Services ordered via the J&T Express Application, the user will get an additional 1 (one) opportunity to play with the following conditions:

  1. Receipt/airwaybill ordered via the J&T Express Application and has been completed/received by the recipient.

  2. The maximum additional chance to play the lottery that each user can receive is 9 (nine) chances per day or the equivalent of 9 (nine) completed receipts/airway bills per day.

  3. If the user has more than 9 (nine) receipts/airway bills completed in one day, the excess amount can still be counted as an additional opportunity to play on the following day.

  4. The validity period for additional lottery opportunities is valid during the period 1 January 2024 at 00:00 WIB - 31 January 2024 at 23:59 WIB.

7. The opportunity to play the lottery applies to the main prize and accompanying prizes.

  1. Total Grand Prize (awarded after the period ends)

  • 1 (one) Wuling AirEV Lite unit;

  • 1 (one) Vespa Sprint unit;

  • 1 (one) iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB unit;

  • 10 (ten) Gold Precious Metals 1 gram; And

  • 82 (eighty two) Gold Precious Metals 0.5 grams. Other

   b. Companion Prizes are given automatically to J&T Express application user accounts)

  • J&T Point;

  • 35% Shipping Discount Voucher, with a maximum discount of IDR 20,000.00; And

  • 50% shipping discount voucher, with a maximum discount of IDR 20,000.00.

8. Each winner is only entitled to get 1 (one) main prize during the Unpack Program, but still has the opportunity to get accompanying prizes repeatedly.

9. The main prize in the form of a motor vehicle will be awarded in Off The Road conditions, the cost of changing the name will be fully borne by J&T Express.

10. The main prize winner will be contacted by WhatsApp Official J&T Express with the number 0811-8466-188 or 0851-7986-6886 and is required to fill in personal data in the form of a copy/photocopy of a valid Resident Identity Card (KTP) and a copy/photocopy of the Registration Number Taxpayer (NPWP).

11. If the recipient of the main prize does not collect personal data within 30 (thirty) days after the prize is won, the prize will be cancelled/forfeited.

12. All taxes that are the responsibility of the Winner for obtaining the prize based on the tax provisions in force in the Republic of Indonesia will be fully borne by J&T Express.

13. The main prize will be sent no later than 40 (forty) working days after the Program period ends.

14. The main prize won will be sent directly to the winner's domicile address.

15. Complementary prizes in the form of J&T Points will be given automatically to the user's account in the J&T Express application.

16. An accompanying gift in the form of a Shipping Discount Voucher will be given automatically to the My Vouchers menu in the J&T Express Application.

17. All prizes won cannot be cashed.

18. The main prize (cars, motorbikes and precious metals) cannot be represented by guardians, relatives, relatives or friends. Except, the representative has a power of attorney that has been signed by the winner in accordance with the KTP received by the J&T Express team and signed on a Rp. stamp. 10,000,-

19. Representatives are required to submit information in the form of scanned / photo ID cards to the J&T Express team.

20. Users who participate in the Unpack program cannot add additional opportunities other than the applicable provisions.

21. J&T Express has full authority to determine the type, color, shape, size, year of production and/or any variations of the main prize.

22. By participating in this program, users are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the applicable Unpack program.

23. This program does not apply or cannot be participated in by shareholders, directors, commissioners, employees, agents (including shareholders, directors, commissioners and employees), partners (including shareholders, directors, commissioners and employees), and other parties parties affiliated with J&T Express.

24. If it is found that a J&T Express employee has been selected as the winning candidate, they will be considered automatically disqualified.

25. As long as it does not conflict with the applicable Terms and Conditions regarding the Open Package program mechanism, the matters regulated in the Terms published by J&T Express on the Official Website (https://jet.co.id/information/terms) will remain applies.

26. This program does not charge any fees, and is officially organized by J&T Express without involving other parties. Be careful of fraud in the name of J&T Express.

27. All decisions made by J&T Express are absolute and cannot be contested.

28. The terms and conditions of the Unpack program mechanism may change at any time without direct notification to the user. All official information can be checked via the official J&T Express Instagram: @jntexpressid and the official website jet.co.id.

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