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Welcoming Valentine's Day, J&T Express Bandung Visits Nursing Home

Nursing Home, which still has a negative stigma as a place of "care," makes many people concerned and refuses to be placed there at dusk, not infrequently many elderly people feel that way due to the stigma that has been embedded in society since long ago. But the sadness and concern are not seen in the elderly who are in Tresna Werda Laswi Nursing Home.

In order to welcome the day of love which is commemorated on February 14 each year, on February 13, 2020 J&T Express Bandung visited the Nursing Home located in Babakan Ciparay - Bandung City to share love for 30 elderly people who spent their senescence at the venue.

Not just providing operational financial assistance, J&T Express Bandung also brings joy by spending time with various activities ranging from hospitality, singing and dancing, to lunch with seniors. In fact, one of the grandmas in the nursing home looked so excited and had a desire to continue to be productive at the age of senescence who reached the age of 75 years.

"I feel happy when I receive a visit from J&T Express like this because it is not easy to take the time and energy to visit us in an era of high productivity like today," said Oma Ambu as one of the elderly who has settled in this nursing home.

As a senior, Oma Ambu gave life advice to the J&T Express Bandung team who were present during the visit "We must have enthusiasm even though sometimes the life we live is not in accordance with what we expect and plan. In this old age I feel happy because I have lived life with gratitude”.

"We feel happy in between our work activities to be able to help and visit the elderly who are in nursing homes as a form of caring for our love on this Valentine's Day. As a company engaged in services, we don't just want to focus on providing services to all our customers, but also to the surrounding community, "said Sam as General Manager of J&T Express Bandung.

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