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Held a Gathering, J&T Express Establish Friendship with Customers

As a shipping service company that focuses on supporting online business growth in line with the tagline that J&T Express holds gatherings with loyal customers in several cities to establish relationships and build closer friendships in order to celebrate the anniversary of J&T Express. This event, which has just been held one of them in the city of Bogor and Bandung periodically in the middle and end of August, was attended by more than 200 participants.

Not only in the form of gatherings, but in this event enlivened by various activities such as a talkshow hosted by various sellers who tell inspirational stories of success in selling online that can inspire the participants in selling events online, as well as material presented by the team J&T Express which provides the latest information and updates on J&T Express services including independence promos which will take place specifically at the Bogor drop point during the 17 August 2019 period.

Rachel, Brand Manager of J&T Express said, “This gathering event we do every year is not only a place to gather and establish closer relations with customers who are also our stakeholders but this event is also a place for customers to give direct criticism and suggestions that can help us in providing better services. "

On this occasion J&T Express introduced the J&T Friends Community which is a seller community of J&T Express shipping service users with various programs and tips specifically for online sellers as well as the benefits to be gained by joining as a member of this community.

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