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J&T Express Provided Relief Package for Rice and Preventive Equipment for Covid-19 to the Provincial Government of East Java

East Java Province is one of the regions with a high rate of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in Indonesia, even the city of Surabaya occupies the highest number of cases among all districts. Responding to this condition, as an express delivery service company with one of the highest shipments in the region, J&T Express East Java supported prevention efforts by distributing aid in the form of rice packages, hand sanitizers and masks to the East Java provincial government.

A total of 10,000 packages of rice weighing 30 tons, 10,000 units of masks and 400 liters of hand sanitizers sent using J&T Express operational fleet were distributed directly in the area of Grahadi building, Genteng sub-district, Surabaya City, East Java on June 13th, 2020. This donation was received directly by the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa symbolically and perpetuated the moment with J&T Express East Java.

"We, the J&T Express family, also feel the impact of the Covid-19 virus, especially in East Java, which is currently experiencing a high rise in the number of cases. As a form of empathy, we provide this assistance directly through the East Java Provincial Government in the hope of providing support for all to fight through this pandemic "concluded Denny Lim, General Manager of J&T Express East Java.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic had become a concern of all parties including businessmen and had a large impact on the economy. Many business sectors experienced a decline which affected many workers who had to accept the fate to be laid off and no longer working.

In this assistance process, J&T Express worked with the East Java Manpower and Transmigration Office (Disnakertrans) to find out valid data on the number of workers affected by the pandemic. This collaboration is intended so that assistance provided is on target and the main priority of this assistance will be distributed to workers affected by Covid-19 in East Java. The activity which was held on Saturday lasted for 5 hours and was carried out while still implementing physical distancing according to health protocol for the safety and comfort of everyone.

In addition to East Java, J&T Express has also carried out humanitarian assistance in several other areas of Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Balikpapan, Lampung, Jambi, and also Padang in recent months. The assistance provided is a tangible form of J&T Express’ concern for the government and the community where the Covid-19 pandemic is still continuing to plague and affect the economy in Indonesia. In this activity, the East Java Provincial Government expressed gratitude for the assistance provided and all types of assistance which will later be distributed to affected communities in East Java.



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