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J&T Express Kopi Darat with Indonesian Blogger in Kompasianival Annual Event

Kopi Darat or commonly called Kopdar, is a term for meeting each other, this is what J&T Express as a delivery service company that puts forward technology and focuses on e-commerce delivery, greeting bloggers from various cities in Indonesia in the event Kopdar that organized through the 2019 Kompasianival annual series.

With the theme "Deliver The Content Across Indonesia" in the talkshow session, J&T Express talked with 1,000 participants who were bloggers and journalists on the main stage located at One Belpark Mall, South Jakarta.

Nowadays people are starting to switch to online transactions, just like shopping online through an e-commerce platform, it will require shipping services and people tend to choose to check packages from smartphones, because it is more practical. "We have provided a real time tracking application service that makes it easy for customers to find out the position of their packages," said Ervan Sugino, J&T Express Event & Partnership.

Besides package delivery services, J&T Express is also active on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, by presenting a variety of interesting content so that it is very effective in conveying information related to its delivery.

Things that might be considered trivial, for users of shipping services can be an important consideration to consider, including such as shipping regulations, the correct way of packing, including what types of goods can be sent safely. So this can be conveyed to anyone who needs that information through content on J&T Express social media.

The Kopdar, which took place on November 23, 2019, was attended by bloggers from various regions and certainly active in social media. Besides being able to meet directly with friends blog authors. Ervan added, "In this meeting we also aim to introduce content creators who want to get to know J&T Express shipping services better."

Starting with the excitement of this meeting, J&T Express held a Blog Competition for all bloggers with the theme "Logistics in Era 4.0" which will begin on November 25, 2019 and will last for the next 30 days. In collaboration with Kompasiana, J&T Express invites bloggers across the archipelago to write their writings.

Through a ground coffee event with writers from different backgrounds, J&T Express took a positive opportunity in the delivery of widespread information as it sent J&T Express to reach all regions in Indonesia.

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