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Supporting Online Seller, J&T Express Holds an Educational Roadshow Together with Shopee

J&T Express as an expedition service company that focuses on online businesses together with Shopee holds an educational roadshow for the Shopee Campus Community. The roadshow, which was held in 34 cities in Indonesia, began from January 2018 until the end of July 2018. It was not only held in big cities but also in developing cities in Indonesia such as Kudus, Mojokerto, Pekalongan, Kupang, Ambon and Jayapura.

In this 4 hour roadshow, J&T Express provides information on J&T Express delivery services, collaboration of J&T Express services with Shopee that is currently running, how to activate J&T Express services in the Shopee application, to how to pack good glassware that is delivered by J&T Express Indonesia trainer. Enthusiasm was seen from several participants who gave questions in the question and answer session. Not only that, the J&T Express booth was also filled with participants who wanted to find out more information about J&T Express.

J&T Express's participation in the shopee campus community roadshow is in line with the main focus of J&T Express which is supporting e-commerce growth by providing educational training to online businesses so that their online business can grow faster and expand even further.

"Our collaboration with Shopee as one of the e-commerce platforms that is already well known in the community in this educational activity is one of the forms of our contribution in supporting the business of online sellers. We are very pleased to be able to share educative information for the participants who attended this event. "Said Mr. Robin Lo as CEO of J&T Express.

Educational activities such as this are of interest to many participants and this can be seen from the large number of participants present. The participants not only came from the city where the event was held but were also attended by participants from other surrounding cities.

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