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Flooding Up to 1.5 Meters, J&T Express Karawang is Swiftly Providing Assistance to Local Residents

The overflow of the Cilamaya River that struck the Karawang regency caused the two regencies and five villages to be inundated to a height of 1.5 meters on February 25, which affected more than 700 families. As a company engaged in shipping services in Indonesia and the local area is an area not far from the Karawang drop point, J&T Express Karawang provided various assistance distributed through the local government on 26 February 2020.

Assistance provided by J&T Express in the form of more than 700 ready meals, ready meals, basic food, medicines, baby and toddler needs is distributed according to the needs of each aid post by the local government. Not only lasted a day, but the assistance provided by J&T Express Karawang lasted two days to help alleviate the victims of this flood disaster.

"I am very happy to be together with the entire J&T Express Karawang team, mutually supporting this initiative and moved to help others affected by this flood. "This activity is not only a form of our cohesiveness that is concerned about the local residents but also as our cohesiveness in team work," Galuh said as SPV Drop Point J&T Express Karawang.

This assistance to flood victims is a form of J&T Express Karawang's concern over the disaster that occurred so that J&T Express rushed to mobilize a team to help the surrounding community aided by information from the local village.

"Representing the residents in this village, I would like to thank you for all the assistance provided by J&T Express to us. Surely this assistance is really beneficial for all of our residents who were affected by the disaster in this rainy season, "said Hi Eneng Komariah as the Village Head of Karanglinggar Village.

Through assistance in providing essential goods for flood victims, it is hoped that this will be sufficient to meet the needs of the community in the displaced villages while waiting for the water to recede.

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